A Love Letter To You

I recently saw this video on one of my favorite sites, Upworthy.  It made my eyes well up with tears, because I’m guilty of this and I’m sure so many of you are as well.  It’s amazing what we could accomplish if we spent half as much time on something  more productive than convincing ourselves of all the reasons we’re not good enough.  Of all the time we spend dissecting our flaws.

Let’s start trying to remind ourselves of all the beauty that we carry with us every day and how showing that beauty, being proud of that beauty, can make such a huge difference in the way our lives play out.  Let’s begin this week with a new mantra, I am unique and beautiful.

And in case you need a reminder:

Happy Monday friend, I’ll be back tomorrow with some delicious dishes to help nourish that beautiful soul.



Make Your Own Pizza Night

Make Your Own Pizza Ingredient Station

Last Saturday, I went to HomeGoods (my heaven) and they are currently focused on kitchen essentials, given the upcoming holidays and all those big dinners that come with them.  When I walked in, I got a little weak in the knees.  And after slapping myself out of thinking I needed a self-spinning ice cream cone holder,  I snagged a new knife set (and then I sliced off a good chunk of my thumb a day later), as well as a little set of individual sized pizza stones.  I’ve been wanting to do a make-your-own pizza night for a while, but it loses a little something without the stone.  These little 8 inch individual sizes are so fun – but if you have a big one, just have each person pick a side and top it as you want. Continue reading “Make Your Own Pizza Night”

“Honey, You’re On Your Own Tonight” Dinner

Chicken and Broccoli Casserole l Lemons and Lunges 2

Before I met Adam he ate three things for dinner – Hungry Man frozen dinner (ughhh), Steak and Potatoes, and Mac and Cheese with canned tuna.  No wonder I can’t get rid of him. (wink) Now, when I have time, I’ll put together some meals that I freeze for him for those nights when I won’t be home.  But there is one dish that is so easy, not even he can screw it up.  This is a super easy, hearty little dinner option for those nights when the freezer is empty and I have to leave him on his own.  The biggest challenge is convincing him that he can do this. Continue reading ““Honey, You’re On Your Own Tonight” Dinner”

Bacon And Crab Bennies with Easy Jalapeno Hollindaise

Eggs Benedict with Jalepano Hollindaise l LemonsandLunges

Let’s push ourselves, shall we?  Around here we love a big hearty breakfast on Sunday mornings paired with some football and relaxation.  I usually throw together a scramble with all the leftover veggies from the week and some leftover protein.  This weekend, however, I wanted to do a little something different, make a REAL brunch.  So, I did the impossible… I made eggs benedict (homemade Hollandaise AND paoched eggs???)…. and wouldn’t ya know – it worked!   Continue reading “Bacon And Crab Bennies with Easy Jalapeno Hollindaise”

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