Chicken Recipes

Cheesy Chicken Chili

Cheesy Chicken Chili

This meal makes enough for a small country.  Adam and I had two big bowls and I am freezing the rest.  Freezer “take-out” is my kind of take-out. Total hands-on time for this dish was less than 10 minutes.  The hardest part was not slicing my finger on the top of the cans.  I failed […]

"Honey, You're On Your Own Tonight" Dinner

“Honey, You’re On Your Own Tonight” Dinner

Before I met Adam he ate three things for dinner – Hungry Man frozen dinner (ughhh), Steak and Potatoes, and Mac and Cheese with canned tuna.  No wonder I can’t get rid of him. (wink) Now, when I have time, I’ll put together some meals that I freeze for him for those nights when I […]

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