14 responses to “Can You Keep A Secret?”

  1. Gayle

    I have been doing boot camp three mornings a week. It’s not 5 days (not even offered on Tu Th where I do it) but it does take the pressure off on the weekends. I will definitely make the Monday pact with you!

    The turkey burgers look great. I am realizing I don’t like breadcrumbs in my burgers – do you think I could take them out here with no consequences?

  2. Jaclyn Power

    While I will test the Monday theory, this proves MY theory that burgers are, in fact, your favorite meal.

  3. amy shivers

    love your blog so far Courtney! it features three of my faves – fitness, food and humor! might try this here recipe tonight. does your boyfriend eat low carb and clean too? my man doesn’t so I’m always trying to figure out recipes I can make for me – and then alter slightly for him OR maybe make one and he won’t notice it’s healthy. :-)

  4. Tricia Witkowah

    You and I are so on the same page! Due to my “old-man-stomach” issues (official medical terminology) and the fact that I’d like to be a size -4 by my special day in 6 months, I’m really into clean eating and exercise. I’m trying to have that interest be more in practice than just in theory…maybe you will be an inspiration and an encouragement. Your friendship has to be good for something in my life, right?

  5. Jaime Jones

    Courtney this blog is great! How did you find yourself a good bootcamp? I am thinking of trying that. I am not so good at using my current gym membership… Also love your recipes. I will be trying this burger this weekend for sure. I love that I am laughing so hard while reading this, its like i can hear your voice.

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