Christmas in November?

Holiday Inspiration Guide

So, I’m insane and this weekend I spent the better part of Sunday decorating the house for… (wait for it)… Christmas. Yep.  I just love how festive and cozy the house feels with all the little lights, the tree, the candles… the smells.  I go back to the East Coast for work and family so early in December that I feel like I deserve the extra couple weeks on the front end, since I’m going to miss out at the end of December. Naw’ Mean?

I took Adam with me to get a tree and some ornaments and we almost left with a Santa toilet bowl cover.  I left him alone for 32 seconds and by the time I’d found him again, he had a gigantic bow for the front of his car, a Christmas-themed soap dispenser and the toilet bowl cover. And he’s Jewish.  Who knew he had such a warm place in his heart for the bearded fat man with the reindeer sleigh??

Two out three of those decorations went back on the shelf and the huge bow is now adorning the top of our tree (thanks to this month’s Better Homes and Gardens for the inspo). I’m SUCH a Scrooge.

I made a healthy dinner casserole tonight that I threw out, it was soooo bland (I hate when a new recipe just falls on its face!).  So, instead of wasting your time with that, I thought I might share some holiday trends that I’m loving this year in case you need some inspiration, when you start your decorating (like a normal person, AFTER Thanksgiving):

Unconventional Trees:

No room for a big tree (or want to add a tree to smaller room or office?)

Small Tree


 Make your room glow even in the mid afternoon with shimmering gold garland and accents



A great girly tree for a man-free home



Unconventional tree toppers- Obviously, I’m a big fan of the bow this year, it’s cheap and it really “ties the room together” – muwahaha, get it??

IMG_2557 edited 2


DIY Decorations:

What a crafty little way to Deck The Halls? (step-by-step instructions and custom print-outs at the link below)



DIY done elegantly



Spell it out



The Next Level of Table Decorations

Utilize your chandelier & an elegant color scheme to create a moment at your table



Or if you don’t have a chandelier – make one!



Get crafty with your place settings



You don’t have to spend a ton of cookie dough to take your home to the next level.  I hope this helps inspire you a bit.  What are some of your favorite trends this year???

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  1. Tricia

    Would it be tacky to incorporate every one of your Christmas decorating ideas into my small apartment? No? Didn’t think so, great!! Oh, one more thing that is nice too is mistletoe. As if I needed another reason to forcefully kiss Fenway…..

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